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Adoption Choices

The decision to adopt is perhaps the single most important commitment a family can make. For most, it is a decision based on emotion and the desire to build a family through adoption.

homepagepicsmall2.jpgThe Adoption Agency and Counselling Service (Ontario) is a nonprofit, private, non-sectarian licensed adoption agency. We offer a range of services, including family counselling, to birth parents and adoptive parents throughout Ontario. We have been involved in facilitating adoptions since 1982.

We understand that the commitment to adopt is never taken lightly. That's why we provide support and a variety of services both to birth parents considering adoption and to those hoping to adopt.  We help birth parents explore the range of options available to them and we help those hoping to adopt clarify their needs and determine the type of family arrangement they would like.

Services are provided during the decision making process, immediately after the decision is made, and during the actual adoption process. Support is provided throughout the important period following the child's arrival.

Whether you are considering adoption for your child, or hoping to adopt, we consider your needs and, ultimately, help you identify what is best for the child.

What's New

PRIDE Training a Success

The Adoption Agency and Counselling Service (Ontario) recently conducted PRIDE Training for a group of more than 20 prospective adoptive parents. Many were struck by the complexities associated with parenting an adopted child and found the training - which is mandated by the province - to be a critical step in their learning process.

In particular, the personal experience with the adoptive process, its challenges as well as its rewards, that trainer Tina McCann brought to the session was of significant value.

Information on upcoming sessions will be publicized shortly.

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